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What do mobile devices and women have in common?

Both are taking the world by storm!


Women are taking over in the workplace, and mobile phones are one of our greatest allies.

Women are taking over in the workplace, and mobile phones are one of our greatest allies.

The mobile revolution has swept our world. But, better yet if you’re a woman, women are also gaining momentum in the world and in the workplace.

Let’s face it- it’s a great time to be a woman! Never before in the history of the world have women enjoyed as many freedoms, world-wide, as they do today. This is especially apparent in the workplace in the United States and several other countries. The success of micro-loans in Africa has created a huge job market for¬†entrepreneurial¬†mothers needing to take care of their families. Although we’re far from reaching an ideal world for women, we can celebrate the fact that things are getting better fast.

And your mobile device is one of your greatest allies. Going for a jog when you have your phone handy feels much safer than without one. Staying in touch and communicating with your business contacts was never easier. Keeping yourself organized with reminders and calendars always attached to you somewhere is taken for granted anymore. Going to parties and dances is much more fun and feels much safer when you have a phone for reaching friends. And it’s great to have your phone with you when you’re in a pinch in the middle of nowhere.

There’s just one thing that the mobile woman should be aware of. Dances, meetings, parties, and working out are not always convenient times to keep your phone in your hands or in a purse. For practicality, most of us end up putting our phone in our bra. It works great (except when it gets sweaty!). The problem is that mobile technology as we now know it is fairly new and we’re still finding things out- like the fact that several women that keep their mobile devices in their bra have ended up with cancer in the exact spot they have kept their phone*. This is no good!

Although the research in this area is not yet considered conclusive, many doctors are pointing to 3 things that they think contribute to this: the radio frequencies, heat, and proximity of the device against your skin.

Mobile Business Woman

Reducing the radio frequencies, heat and the proximity of your mobile phone against your skin may be huge factors in helping to reduce your chances of developing breast cancer.

So should you lock your phone up in an iron-clad box until you’re ready to pull it out and make a text or a call? There’s a better way.

The Braket is a bra pocket made out of thick, soft material- so it can hold your phone and keep it away from your skin. It’s also radio-frequency resistant on the side next to you¬†(more than 99%!). And it’s heat and sweat resistant. We can’t say it will stop you from getting breast cancer- but we can say that it almost completely eliminates the main reasons that some doctors think you could get it from your mobile device.

So if you’re a mobile woman that tucks your phone in your bra, at least use the bra pocket that protects you from radio frequencies and heat to help lower the chances of getting breast cancer. And don’t settle for cheap pockets that actually make these things worse!

You want The Bra-ket!

And cheers to the mobile woman everywhere as we take over the world!

The Bra-ket

The Bra-ket is radio frequency resistant, heat resistant, sweat resistant, and is made with soft, thick, comfortable material.


*The studies referenced are still new and inconclusive. There is no factual evidence that cell phones next to your breast cause cancer.


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