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Do you run? Are you a woman? Do you like keeping your phone with you while you run?

We’ve talked with a lot of women that want to keep their phone with them while running. Besides the ability to listen to music from your smart-phone, there is an added sense of security when you know you can make a phone call if you need to.


Don’t let your phone get sweaty and bounce around while you run.

Several women keep their phone in fanny-packs and similar bags as they run. Others keep theirs on an arm band. We have talked to many women that don’t like bouncing bags or the tan-line from arm bands. Several have actually stored their phone in plastic zip-lock bags in their sports bra to keep it dry from sweat! Amazingly, lots of women do this!

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Run. In comfort. With your phone.

With the Bra-ket™ bra pocket, you can keep your phone with you when you run. It stays safe and easily accessible. It stays dry from sweat. And you won’t need to have a bouncing bag on your hip or a tan-line on your arm. Even better- the Bra-ket is radio-frequency resistant and heat resistant so you can feel protected from your phone as well as protecting your phone from you. It’s also soft and comfortable, so you won’t be bothered by something rubbing against your skin.

Sue after Ragnar run. She's wearing her Bra-ket bra pocket.

Sue after Ragnar run. She’s wearing her Bra-ket bra pocket.


Wear The Bra-ket™.

If you want the security and enjoyment of having your phone with you while you run, buy a Bra-ket™ bra pocket so you can run in comfort and style!


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